Wednesday, October 19, 2016

BEANPOLE forward new CD HANDMADE advent of handmade cashmere coat

BEANPOLE forward new CD: HANDMADE advent of handmade cashmere coat

A good pair of shoes can take you to a better place, a good coat will parcel out two metres and eight gas field. Smooth lines outline the tall figure, in the wind of yibai created a stylish statue.

If only the runway image of sketch-like fashion, it probably wouldn't be so popular. Cashmere coat with its advanced material excellent thermal performance, people, the roots of long coarse goat hair is soft warmth of wool 1.5 times, dozens of grams of each goat production to make it worthy of "soft gold" in the title. Faced with such good material, BEANPOLE decided to use matching professional tailoring, creating not Potter cashmere coat. HANDMADE coats this fall and winter is the outcome of artisan spirit, BEANPOLE with a "new" Conference shows the importance of this product line. Fall winter city the perfect interpretation of

Handmade handmade cashmere series double pure cashmere and wool fabric stitched into real skill shown in details. Trim and neat and smooth as a whole, as if in one fell swoop calligraphy without hesitation. Nature of the straight line is a straight vertical, and highlights women's subtle body contour in the dynamic, beautiful veiled euphemism. BEANPOLE women wear on the cutting process of the past 2016 rich Handmade coats for fall/winter profile, Buzzword and cocoon-shaped, long, h-shaped, the evolution version of the trench coat, hand-sewed coats manufacture created more options than ever before. Not only is hand-touch, natural elegant colors have also been incorporated into the new season's coat series, olive green and Burgundy grade choice of hand-line as their more high-end positioning. In addition, Handmade handmade cashmere series simultaneous men's coat selection this year, same neatly clipped with unparalleled quality feel, Handmade warm every inch of skin.

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