Monday, June 27, 2016

Teach you 8 winter little to worry about matching tall

Short don't have to worry about, dressing mix, and can have all the flavor, if you want to display high natural pick to suit your clothes, carefully mix, can make you look taller.

Plaid wool coat

Short do not select too complex styles and colors of clothes, take a minimalist line is OK, this Plaid wool coat, winter hand styles, basically do not pick the body, you can wear it with white tights and high heel boots to wear, can be elongated in shape.

Black hooded casual Jacket

Black hooded casual Jacket

Black hooded casual Jacket, simple and elegant style, exquisite vintage horn design, more versatile fashion. Select white top, under hem jeans and sneakers, high street look very pleasing to the eye.

Light blue plush hooded cotton jacket

Light blue plush hooded cotton jacket

Light blue plush hooded cotton jacket, long version of the Joker in Nice, reveals a gentle taste of fresh, elastic waist cut and slim, white leggings, and boots, wearing a tall feeling.

Casual style cotton jacket

Casual style cotton jacket

Casual style cotton jacket has always been popular in the winter, many girls love style, under simple sweater tights, mix and match shoes, good.

Red wool coat

Red wool coat

Red wool coat, thick version Joker fine, wearing it more stylish, put under a white sweater to wear white tights, a pair of sneakers can get fashion styling.

Black off the shoulder sweater with ginger-skirt

Black off the shoulder sweater with ginger-skirt

Black off the shoulder sweater with ginger-skirt, so fresh retro dress, seductive fashion, select Plaid coats to match, put on over the knee boots, elegant and charming.

Plush Turtleneck Sweater

Plush Turtleneck Sweater Steal complete Watches details Super practical

Plush Turtleneck Sweater, loose cut simple and generous, people feel comfortable with a black skirt, playful and sweet dress, most suitable for little girls.

Army Green down jacket

Army green jacket and short stature can also wear long down jacket, as long as the bottom missing this match, high visual displays. Put the little black dress, exposing leg, matching high heel booties, beautiful shine.

Jacket matched with winter figure with tall teaches you tall style white

Friday, June 24, 2016

Annual outfit smart select men s clothing Guide

Although for most men, annual meeting is just a big place for drink and chat and workplace partners, but nobody can guarantee your wore countless shoes and haven't changed in three days (Yes, many men choose not to suit a week in winter) jackets, in women in the eyes of the boss is not your "sloppy" symbol. If the suit is the sole taste of most men in the workplace arena, then, not only during the annual wear and can hold other occasions suit outfits in fashion competition is the annual meeting, the smartest investment.

Annual outfit smart select men's clothing Guide

DIOR HOMME light two button wool suit

Universal black suit is the safety of many party guests and partners of the lazy, then this DIOR HOMME suit has taught us well with the model: since the suit is too safe, you invest a little thought in the shirt.

Annual outfit smart select men's clothing Guide

CANALI-wool silk blend dress set

Invest a little thought in addition to the shirt with a black suit, lively bow tie is a good choice, especially with the suits in different styles, velvet or silk is a tone matching.

Annual outfit smart select men's clothing Guide

TONELLO-wool blend woven stretch suits

Lake blue gives a relaxed breath of spring, matching with the color floral shirts and Pocket scarf, people seemed to feel the warm breeze of the coming year in advance.

CANALI mohair-wool blend suit

Brown should be the most suitable color for annual, low-key and beautiful, relaxed yet unassuming, with a dark suit, even in peacetime in the workplace can easily wear.

Raiders men's dress matches the annual suit wool Canali men dress Styling edgy shedding comb and hair do not match

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer slim taking a stunning dress 3 slim LOOK

Lose weight with weight loss is always between the girls talk about topics not greasy, every time a new weight-loss approach will be very eager to experience and see, whether for eating, moving, wearing as long as effective weight, resulting in weight loss will always try the spirit. But if too late again wants to show figure of season Qian thin down, on can using wear take skills to let himself has explicit thin of effect, today to introduced using transparent lace long skirt, let wear leg in Visual Shang rendering and fine and thin of carefully machine, a pieces transparent sense of lace long skirt 3 species wear take explicit thin changes, let you with a skirt beat whole summer!

Summer slim taking a stunning dress 3 slim LOOK

Lace dress x narrow-leg pants

Wants to let double leg looks and fine and long, is each girls are wants to pursuit of effect, if too lazy to massage leg or movement to reached effect words, on with carefully machine wear take way to solution, a long version of lace crony points transparent of design, within take a tight of tight pants, using pants will double feet package of tightly of, skirt of loose transparent sense let Visual Shang looks double feet Super fine, long skirt also will let you in Visual Shang looks long yo!

Summer slim taking a stunning dress 3 slim LOOK Summer slim taking a stunning dress 3 slim LOOK Summer slim taking a stunning dress 3 slim LOOK Summer slim taking a stunning dress 3 slim LOOK Summer slim taking a stunning dress 3 slim LOOK

Black Lace dress x plain Tee

Why should I choose plain Tee? Black or white of coat match black of lace skirt, will has is obviously to explicit thin feel, because black was on will let Visual has austerity sense, so many people often recommends wants to has thin body effect, can wear dark Department of single products is this truth, lower body select dark Department of lace long skirt, transparent of design let double feet skin vaguely revealing to, skin and cloth staggered of du effect, let you of leg looks than supermodel also to thin.

Summer slim taking a stunning dress 3 slim LOOK Summer slim taking a stunning dress 3 slim LOOK Summer slim taking a stunning dress 3 slim LOOK

Full body black lines with not only demonstrates individuality, can achieve the desired slimming Visual sense!

X lace skirts with shorts

Select a and lace long skirt with color of shorts or skirt, will shorts within take in lace skirt inside, rendering Foreign Minister within short of wear take way, such of explicit thin wear take method, is can let double feet looks long, then reached wants to of thin body modified, wants to let double leg looks proportion more long, can wearing shorts and thick end of shoes to rendering, and lace skirt of function is to let you double leg vaguely hid up fat place, somewhat see get leg is see not to meat of feel!

Foreign Ministers within a short period of pairing, shorts make feet look slim, proposals can be used with little girl shoes.

Using transparent lace skirts to match a variety of slimming to wear up, did not think of using a skirt can make legs appear slim, mix best suited to lazy to do leg movements, but want to make legs look skinny girls!

Slimming slimming lace lace skirt worn take vision of the summer Mature sister how textures are being raised up

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Virus doesn t kill City boy masks show H7N9

H7N9 the spread of the disease, surgical masks in the street appeared with increasing frequency. Don't worry about the mask covering your beautiful face, because fashion is an attitude, masks can also become a fashion item.

Health did not forget to show your personality

Beijing had just shouted anti-haze, dust reduction, and H7N9 in an explosion in the South. Poor environmental danger. Disease-protection awareness of Chinese people continue to push higher. Now the streets of various cities, masks are frequently higher and higher. Beauty and self-love flows, how willing in this connection face pretty covered up. In mask sales rise day by day under the State, many companies seize this opportunity, launched a series of creative design mask.

Mask wearing a fashion sense

Masks also can wear a fashion sense

Masks can also be a way of self-expression, in front of the haze, influenza, we laugh at fear, both defenses disease healthy, should always wear their fashion attitude.

For the stars, masks are not any strange items, for low-key to prevent paparazzi, masks have been used thoroughly. Mask fashion of course, learn from them. However in order not notable, their masks are essential.

Virus doesn't kill City boy masks show H7N9

Traditional mask black and white

A white mask is easy to take

A white mask is easy to take

Masks of the basic template is white. Now the most popular, most convenient, most accessible is Liu Tian Wang Dai white disposable non-woven mask. The mask looks very ordinary, but it has the advantage of Joker, both wore a plain white t, is Wu Chun wearing cotton clothes, also looks pleasing to the eye, all seasons are available. You can also learn Xiao Jingteng, denim shirt or a leopard-print scarf can be used to give it a try. Nicholas Tse with a black and white coat with a white mask is the most common form, who never prone classic black and white is the fashion world!

Black mask and cool

Black mask and cool

But there are a lot of people don't want to mask with white, feels too much like a doctor. So black men choose, black represents an attitude, the four men who wore black masks significant look with some cool.

Liu Qian, a skinny black suit, white shirt with black masks, feeling able and powerful, with the diligence of magic, Lu Chen's fashion sense has improved. Idol Lee Min HO's elegant collar when the masks, free up on denim motorcycle jacket collar, this simple and free is a sign of confidence and casual, and some boys. Jason dark fur and hair, and the black mask is not superfluous, and his fashion sense is more sensitive. TSE will never take over in black, a black and white mask, well, or is that sentence, who never prone classic black and white is the fashion world!

Upgraded mask features

Functional masks are also popular

Functional masks are also popular

Gas mask-masks: Eason Chan always like funny, this show was wearing an extremely exaggerated masks, according to him, this mask is effective against bacteria up to 99.7%. But if you really want to try this type of masks masks, formal dress is not appropriate, so take a free, who let you mask is the protagonist. But remember, don't let your mask as rigid as robots, just some lovely colors, fashion can make it up.

Effect masks: Jacky Cheung also drove a stylish, this masks not only isolated the bacteria function, look does not prevent breathing.

Expensive masks: luojialiangdai is his wife spent more than 300 yuan to buy face masks, looks really cool.

Super face mask controlled-Huang Xiaoming and MJ

Huang Xiaoming masks sell MoE

Huang Xiaoming masks sell MoE

See this group of pictures you will know Huang Xiaoming is a face mask controlled, but compared to other masks is to him more as a prop, he wore masks with art and sell MoE.

Black mask is the most commonly used MJ

Black mask is the most commonly used MJ

MJ wore white face masks to wear scarves

MJ wore white face masks to wear scarves

Red mask appearance rate is high

Red mask appearance rate is high

Control if Huang Xiaoming is a mask, that musical genius Michael Jackson is a complete masks of people. MJ has always been about everywhere, even the masks are gorgeous satin texture, creating these masks from the size, fabric styles and colors, are one by one as his costumes custom-made.

After reading the above that these kinds of masks, I do not know from which Internet users have some matching inspiration. In this era of endless creative masks sometimes has gone far beyond its original meaning, design sometimes give it a new function.

Mask ideas endless

Masks are creative and funny

Masks in this set of pictures show funny, it can change your facial features, or when you turn into skeletons, zombies, ice devil, or evil clowns. As long as you have the guts, what funny masks you can try, can also DIY your own hand-painted, in combination with sunglasses, hats and other features, the mask is for you!

Didier Faustino creative Kiss mask

This is by designer Didier Faustino created of a Taiwan perfect kissing mask, is by two a size same of independent stereo masks joint and into, formed a let kissing can perfect combined of angle, has has it, you on without in shy passers-by will saw you tongue between of close contact, big can arbitrary of Pro-a through, it but a can to couples are brings pleasure of en real Oh. However, in my opinion, it is all designers in the spoof, Didier Faustino is purely to experience the fun of kissing.

  Beauty Health Style speak louder than MyLacostePolo new

While we have been talking about masks worn out personality, beauty and health are inseparable. Correct use of masks can play a preventative effect, but if used improperly, it may actually increase risk of infection. So here is a small tip for the majority of users the right to use a mask:

A pair of face mask should not be used too long;

Wearing a mask and took off her mask before you must wash your hands before and after;

Masks have a color side outward;

Mask should completely cover the mouth and nose and Chin.

Mask fashion white black Huang Xiaoming creative City boy with funny

Friday, June 17, 2016

There winter cap Hat you surge from head to toe

Wool Hat, winter Hat baseball cap is not the only option, if you want to develop more mashup styles, it is necessary to try another Cap. Whether it is simple, elegant and cleaves, length of hair, shades of makeup, you should learn Hat a method, style from head to toe in one step!

Light hats

Light hats

Light hats Summer skin care from the base to the Sun articles

Bright hats to immediately form the finishing touch. If you want to create a sense of contrast, in gorgeous shape match the top boys wind wool CAP or monotone like Susie Bubble lift method, focus pink take a avant-garde braided cap method, Miroslava Duma, could light up the dark, cold winter streets.


Mixing neutral girl likes to wear, you can try out Fedora. Basic collocation for select rivet decoration, elaborate jewelry, or single-tone dress lift, feather decoration, bright cherry ... ... And so on, can you wear into the personality.

Fur fur hat

Courage to try tide girls can take into account all kinds of hats, as a style more fashionable. Like no matter how old it is cool ball caps, white winter wool hat, Russia wool hat ... Are a good choice, beginners can start with stripes, Erik suppiger elements mix and wool CAP, whims, or mix a touch of bright lip gloss, absolutely make you a Visual focus.

Wool Hat

Knit wool hat is the preferred streets wind through a lift, is this season's most popular Berry color color, head fur ball style to style fun. Just wear Mao caps too boring girls can try to add a veil, shape cut into a romantic Goethe wind! Or like Cara Delevingne by using other accessories to fill more street fashion sense.


Wearing military caps to make it look like the spirit, like the street girls of the wind on the CAP in all different coat of arms or LOGO, enjoy the pleasures of personalised; elegant military girl you can choose funky beret, and then with a pair of leather gloves, gorgeous and powerful.

Girls winter Hat style taught you mix bright colors try Fedora

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jimmy EASON which wind you cute dad dressing

Karate Kid Jimmy

Jimmy EASON which wind you cute dad dressing

Time is not on his body left, the sun still handsome, if not to find out, I can only say a little less sentimental, a little more maturity. Simple grey t-shirt with jeans, or put the old boy, interpretation so vibrant. Grey leather buckle shoes to create a youthful pace. People without impressive reverse growth better.

Fresh niche Tong Dawei

Jimmy EASON which wind you cute dad dressing

Fresh niche Tong Dawei in small series is most appreciated. Aging is not tidal Dad's exclusive. Tong Dawei reverse hit this hard, fresh dressed up one of the most moving. A blue Plaid Shirt and blue jeans, and a pair of blue Scrubs shoes, refreshing Ocean air blowing. This dressed up around the street was cool enough in the summer. Chanel fashion spell TOP10 supermodel match cheats

Yuppie male God Deng Chao

Jimmy EASON which wind you cute dad dressing

Than two tides dad, yuppie wearing style is not the least bit errors in detail. Five white pants instead of the usual white trousers, into two fashion. Is an elegant gentleman feeling, uninhibited sportsman spirit.

Montenegro an old witch Eason Chan

Jimmy EASON which wind you cute dad dressing

Eason Chan is a musical genius, wonderful work in the fashion industry. There will always be those in the clothing with alternative indeed martial art work, makes the viewer can be harvested at a time to a different surprise. Hanging black t-shirt with black pants had to remind you of the black witch such a title, but yet trendy hip hop feel.

Baseball wangziwuyanzu

Jimmy EASON which wind you cute dad dressing

Remove the red carpet dress casual dress up Daniel but do not have a sense of charm. Red piped Polo Shirt jumps out a stream of new ideas, canvas baseball cap, together to create a dynamic image of Prince of baseball.

Rock singer 陈羽

Classic Givenchy printed jacket irregular t-shirts, creating rock and roll fashion sense on the streets. For the fashion of this 37 year old dad so dressed up and not look too far, a pair of red shoes instantly light up our eyes, even active fashion to the modeling element.

Eason Chan Lin Tong Dawei dress dress matching trendsetter of fashion jeans

Monday, June 13, 2016

Lazy vs simple coat cotton clothes of fashion with a

Models there are many kinds of new winter coat, coats, wool coats, down jacket, and so on, then these different styles of winter coats, to choose what kind of mix is the best looking trendy? Tasting MONTBLANC nigulasikaishi series tables

Army Green collar coat

Lazy vs simple: coat cotton clothes of fashion with a

Collar coat is warm and very good, so is also very good in the winter, choose this medium-length styles in real time is very good, and can select casual pants and hiking boots, a casual-style match.

Dark blue simple coat

Lazy vs simple: coat cotton clothes of fashion with a

This sets match of tones unified in deep blue Department, regardless of is coat also is pants or is shoes are keep in a flat of color, such overall see up on is very of coordination, but, unified of dark Department may will to people brings more or less of dull sense, so match Shang a article light orange color of small lattice scarf, both fresh, also for package match increased has vignettes.

Black loose coat

Lazy vs simple: coat cotton clothes of fashion with a

Black and white striped shirt with a simple blue jeans, coat selection is a lazy style of long loose coat texture, very unique in style, with the Green canvas shoes.

Dark blue fur collar coat jacket

Lazy vs simple: coat cotton clothes of fashion with a

Cotton jacket is also the winter classic match, simple coat design, big pockets and lambs wool liner, makes the coat look more special, put options is checked shirt and a white sweater, and then with the camel pants and canvas tote bag dark blue shoes lace is also very nice.

Big red coat

Big red coat in the winter mix of the more eye-catching items, watch out color alone is very eye-catching, put you can choose white sweater over simple jeans and plush short boots can.

PS: the match is more focused on the overall unity of excessive color may appear jumbled white elephant. Therefore, in cooperation with the matching colour, items and accessories, as well as all kinds of fashion elements used is very important.

Mix coat jacket lazy fashion match vs cotton dark blue simple

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tie on the dress of gentleman 36 fresh debut

Who says summer and tie must be water and fire are not compatible? Indeed, in the height of summer heat, gentlemen dress must be sweating man back, the neck, if the tie, on a hot day would really suffer. But summer will inevitably encounter a tie, just choose proper gentleman's tie in summer can also give people a sense of crisp fresh.

Summer Academy of the cool Ivy League neckties

Tie on the dress of gentleman 36 ℃ fresh debut

Summer Academy of the cool Ivy League neckties

We have lived too long for Oxford and Cambridge scholar, under the impulse of consciousness, want to have a replica wear school dress and matching a pattern belongs to Alumni ties, riding a bicycle lying in the grass just chant of Xu Zhimo's poem. Summer can be selected with Twill striped school tie, dark blue-green in General if you can add a touch of pink or red Twill, can find the youth movement in the real spark of summer! Try to wear, just like going to a summer garden party's temperament can! No money to buy luxury tables these tables less

Match the incumbent: Navy Blue, white jackets, all kinds of Oxford shirt

Tie on the dress of gentleman 36 ℃ fresh debut

Match the incumbent: Navy Blue, white jackets, all kinds of Oxford shirt

Summer guests wave eternal dot ties

Tie on the dress of gentleman 36 ℃ fresh debut

Summer guests wave eternal dot ties

Dot tie like the Knights of the sword, no matter when and where should a tie in hand. In the summer, blue color with small white dots are classic Essentials are knit or silky material is not limited. Put on by about the seaside dock listening to the sea. If you can wear a tie in the summer, may wish to select some more Candy-colored polka-dot tie, preferably bi-color collide on a summer color.

Match the incumbent: nude, grey suit

Tie on the dress of gentleman 36 ℃ fresh debut

Match the incumbent: nude, grey suit

Summer exotic party Paisley tie

Tie on the dress of gentleman 36 ℃ fresh debut

Summer exotic party Paisley tie

Good time for summer tourism is the eyes, if you are assembling a necktie can take you roaming exotic, but you'll have to choose a Paisley or cashew flower tie. 'S name comes from the Scottish textile town, but the story itself may come from ancient Babylon complex colorful leaves of the Banyan tree, as you mature a while expensive gas. Paisley tie was appropriate for summer wear, as long as matching any light colored shirts shirts at once on a holiday feeling. And in addition to the tie, but Paisley flower bow tie or a summer dress sharp. It is not heavy.

Match the incumbent: light, grey and Brown suit

Match the incumbent: light, grey and Brown suit

Tie Oxford, refreshing summer dress gentleman mix summer suit

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cloudy out good mood match black and white can be very charming

The fourth day of Milan fashion week, cloudy weather resist tide people's mood in the fashion week, all wearing black and white classic match, angry and overbearing, smooth line showing they are not worse than model figure, some smart joined rose brightening. We graduated young professionals best suited to

Cloudy out good mood match black and white can be very charming Cloudy out good mood match black and white can be very charming Cloudy out good mood match black and white can be very charming Cloudy out good mood match black and white can be very charming Cloudy out good mood match black and white can be very charming

Good black and white mix feminine fashion week Street style pink red shape Milan fashion week

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Exquisite high street demonstration short girls mix

Ling long women can become tall long legs. At the moment, exquisite female instead of always envious of people who build standard tall girls. Ling long women's ever-changing "tall" wearing a lift, you can find self-confidence. So Petite you have the perfect body.

Exquisite collection variable height pick mix

Exquisite collection variable height pick mix

Clothes models

Clothes models

Lovely girls coat of choice should avoid long, complex style, clean body to elongate the short effect, make you able and without procrastination.



In your choice of the best enlargement to avoid pants, tight leg hip pants can make your legs look more slender, long pants had better cover the heel. And shoes can be selected and the pants with the color, with long effect on the Visual.

Short skirt


If you like to wear skirts, skirts can make lovely girls look more lively, but skirt length is important, preferably no more than knee dress that is too long will have the opposite effect.

High heels


Savior of the invention are undoubtedly lovely girl in high heels, but remember that when choosing a high heels, try to avoid platform or platform shoes, heavy soles make the body appear to be bulky. Stilettos are a great choice, it can not only lengthen the height also make legs look more slender.

Bag small


Package in principle, short girl hand carried bags should be small, making the whole more coordination, especially ladies, or OL when you dress up, a clutch will make you look more polished. Sports, leisure, but if you dress up, you may want to try to carry a large bag, not only did not reduced the overall effect, can increase the sense of leisure.

Color coordinating body


Short female body clothing color best identical or similar with slender body type. Upper and lower body clothes you can wear a different color  but note that proportioned, deep under the best light and attention to someone else's head or shoulder.

Fringe styles

Stripes effect

Vertical stripes dress short dress of choice laws. Whether wide or narrow vertical stripes helps elongate the body, short stripes should be avoided, regardless of the width is not good


Mix Star recommended 19 white jackets were paired

Matching principle of short girl dressing is short pants, slim short dress topped with tight trousers, can play on the Visual effect of elongated legs, give the feeling of spirits without being slack. Short suit skirt matching suits, hip bag of mini skirts for longer height also has a very good effect.

Exquisite match dress pants, tall and short street girls height

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Resist high wind matching hipster personality model 4

On August 7 the beginning of autumn, these days due to the typhoon, bringing a burst of cool breeze all over the country, but it's also worried about not as cool and ignore the usual dress, street fashion tide people began wearing jackets and long skirts to withstand the wind, while the weather changed, we also want to dress to show the personality of its own. Now, let us take a look at this week's surge of people wear take it!

Hipster wear set model

Season is widespread at this time, yellow top, outside the little blue coats and exaggerated necklaces, yellow belt on the beam waist, pink print Legging, high heels and headdresses played a perfectly echo effect.

Fashion autumn dress matching coat and take print fashion Loose or tight the most by your choice IN matching

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Open the jewel box of the TA mold mildew broken attracted thousands of young

Recently, the outgoing mold mildew-Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) and fell in love with boyfriend Calvin Harris 14 month relationship fell through messages, message to be validated, but beauty long legs like mold mildew will girlfriend who is willing not to make money?! And you dare to break up, she dared to write you songs bad for you! Then, mold mildew in addition to write great songs, with a small fresh dress set also became a street model student, so she usually on the street with what accessories to embellish it?

Open TA jewelry box

TA everyday jewels match

This year, the Choker heat continues to heat up, actress to wear some Choker at home I'm sorry to say that they are idols! Mold mildew that walked in front of the fashion players and how we might miss the single ad?

Taylor Swift wearing Carbon And Hyde

Mold mildew, like all European and American actress, sought after now hit the "original" Jacquie Aiche jewelry brand, but mouldy mould is not blindly, this brand items and only then a Choker, usually matching the dress choice jewelry is very rare and not a cheap brand.

Taylor Swift wearing Jacquie Aiche

Mold mildew has a height advantage, also show the neck, wearing a Choker for her there is no pressure, no matter the thickness and color can manage perfectly.

Taylor Swift wearing Dannijo

Compare black leather style, this slightly fresh quality crystal mosaic seems to be more in line with the bad bad temperament. But bad bad posture of the transformation of this year, first cut the hair short enough, then dyed golden hair, and clean style very different from the original.

Taylor Swift wearing Erickson Bearnon

Music Festival this year also tried this with a slight flavor of punk stars necklace, with a simple gray t-shirt, full of the neutral wind.

Taylor Swift wearing Versace

The funny thing is, this outfit also tied a foot chain, and this anklet is Choker "convertibles" ... ...

Taylor Swift wearing Erin Dana

In addition to Choker, mold mildew on all length of necklace is "a soft spot in my heart", often matching the color of dress wear. This looks very small necklace price and style is fresh, website price are dozens of dollars. Kendra Scott was a United States accessories brand, was founded in 2002, is now more women's favorite accessory brands in Europe and America.

Taylor Swift wearing Kendra Scott

Mold mildew this long key necklace is a little mean, the brand comes from Los Angeles, the shape styles are all key, but above the lettering can be customized, cost is fresher and between $ 50-$ 70.

Taylor Swift wearing The Giving Keys

Hair ornament is one magic mold mold to create a sweet look. From the stars to vintage studded with Crystal and Bohemian full of bandages, mold mildew with notch out of the ever-changing look.

Taylor Swift wearing Free People

Bad bad hair accessory brands are not expensive, are basically some fast fashion brand accessories. Especially compared with her Choker also takes only a little.

Taylor Swift wearing Dauphines of NY

Taylor Swift wearing Free People

Finally, mold mildew character modeling is the most indispensable ring! One of the most famous is the style of this marked with her initials. Mold mildew had a finger injury, then social networking Po out of the close-up of hands, but the eyes of the masses were obviously in the ring, so wearing this brand Dana Rebecca fire!

Taylor Swift wearing Dana Rebecca

Dana Rebecca this brand is also not cheap, many stars will be put on the red carpet, the brand's biggest feature is its customization services! Sold for thousands of dollars more than ' Oh!

Taylor Swift wearing Dana Rebecca

Taylor Swift wearing Dana Rebecca

On the ring style select, mold mildew preference for gold, and select models are not too exaggerated, even stacked only two or three is enough.

Taylor Swift wearing David Yurman

Taylor Swift wearing Melinda Maria

Melissa Kaye Taylor Swift worn Jewellery

TA mix of red carpet jewelry

Bad bad the red carpet with her mix of daily jewelry, not deliberately pursue the well known big name will only select the personality styles and outfits.

Taylor Swift wearing Borgioni Jewellery

Mold mildew appearance rate is lower in the everyday dress earrings become bad bad red carpet favorite accessory, this hairstyle has a great relationship with her, because she always bring the hair on one side, ear empty onto the red carpet is a little dull.

Melissa Kaye Taylor Swift worn Jewellery

2014 attended by Taylor Swift country music awards

Taylor Swift attended the 2013 FIFI Award (Fifi)

Ring is also a little magic mold mildew on the red carpet, the choice of style is usually a sense of design simplicity, low-key personality.

Taylor Swift wearing Graziela Gems

Taylor Swift wearing Eva Fehren Jewellery

How to jewelry to pretend TA

Mold mildew on select jewelry accessories and her clothing style is the same, dress of respected natural and fresh without losing individuality. If we want to rely on jewelry concave "bad bad style" the accessories, you can also try to select minimalism little brand. Can have a little of his own small design is more subtle, and after all the jewelry is already a trend of private customized!

Bracelets from PANDORA Disney series

Necklace from Vanessa Mooney for $ 55

Necklace from CAM price of 298 Yuan

Rings from Campbell for $ 58.8

Earrings from Sydney Evan price US $ 640

Past reviews

Vol.10: open Bella Hadid's jewelry box

Vol.9: open Kristen Stewart's jewelry box Preheating on the tables of New York fashion week

Vol.8: opening of Blake Lively jewel box

Vol.7: opening of Selena Gomez jewelry box

Vol.6: open Gigi Hadid's jewelry box

Mold mildew Taylor jewelry jewelry Choker brand style with fresh