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Weird and interesting global trend Idol LESNOB

LE SNOB provides you with all the bizarre combination of soft and hard, natural and supernatural, Gothic, and grace ... LE SNOB is trying to create a new tone of fashion, let us call it--SNOBBILITY!

Designer b. Å KERLUND and ROBERT LUSSIER of design looks is "snob", from large using of Golden, and leather, and grandiose elements you on can found this is, they although is snobbery, is easy was accept, because who not like these golden of things, that as Hollywood than Foley Villa General of Regal effect, but designer only take its performance form, no will that domineering also added in, instead, they with some grotesque of combination, in design in the added has some "absurd" elements, This became the "Golden" a kind of teasing and joking. SNOBBILITY is the designers want to show, how to explain it? You can call it--a mischievous aristocratic style.

Weird and interesting global trend Idol LESNOB

Global trends icon, there is a LESNOB:

The style of "grotesque" and fun LE SNOB, natural stars of all ages, and just want to escape the crowd, which for stars is the most "convenient" choice. From LADY GAGA to Selena Gomez to sex and the city, Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie, they all have a LE SNOB. Daily travel needs is a combination of practical and eye catching handbag; MTV needs a pair of "kill all" dark glasses; or go out on weekdays like LADY GAGA will be "brilliant surprise four" who LESNOB all find what they wanted.

Can't say that LADY GAGA has catapulted this Black Swan sunglasses, or this Black Swan sunglasses LADY GAGA this body shape, you may not know what the clothes from the brand, but you should know that the sunglasses from LE SNOB.

Weird and interesting global trend Idol LESNOB

LADY GAGA wearing a Black Swan sunglasses, it could stay like this!

Weird and interesting global trend Idol LESNOB

Selena Gomez again also not that only will wear leisure loaded of "than Bo Qian girlfriend", she has into has one light cooked style of fashion idol, star of airport styling most "nerve-racking", and cannot too casually, also cannot not comfortable, simple of white knitting shirts + black skin pants, carrying a only metal decorative of LE SNOB black handbags, Star style also didn't so difficult.

Weird and interesting global trend Idol LESNOB

Selena Gomez black handbag.

Weird and interesting global trend Idol LESNOB

SJP is a representation of New York City, perfect interpretation of this classic white suit + jeans + trends, a LE SNOB letters handbag styles look "conservative", but the letter and let it be in the streets.

LESNOB and Dita Von Teese, sexier than sexy

LESNOB cooperation with the stripper Dita Von Teese launched a series of a hat, Dita Von Teese is himself out in the mirror play, this set of photographs in the United States, "Madonna Inn" Hotel shoot, footage of Dita Von Teese's sexy, but under the hat ornament, more ornate and dramatic effect. This series has valued at $ 950, studded with Swarovski Crystal headband, to $ 52,275 hat decorated with diamond brooch. Designer b. Akerlund said, "Dita Von Teese has designed a series of underwear, then I had noticed her, and this time I teamed up with her is finally coming true, she is beautiful, a dream, with the spirit of the character and very independent."

Weird and interesting global trend Idol LESNOB Weird and interesting global trend Idol LESNOB Weird and interesting global trend Idol LESNOB

How do you in life, as a "LESNOB girl"

Designers are responsible for turning imagination into commodities, you are responsible for them to wear/painting returning life, three options, you can become a star's "LESNOB girl"!

Urban classics

Weird and interesting global trend Idol LESNOB

Dress is always so mundane, may be missing a representative "you" Accessories, select this "Lady Gaga sunglasses", her dramatic ability, brought to you in your life.

Super day

Boring working day than a cup of coffee on the table a new package refreshing! Your "day bag" need to be able to work with all things, but not too stuffy.

Midnight red lipstick Reality is not a wise head makes a men s luxury

Wearing a dress without a handbag, the handbag and dress the same note, gold lesnob handbag can help you finish this thing, and you can always come up with lipstick and makeup.

On the designer, and you know you should know

B. Akerlund is one from Sweden's designer, her innovative design brings fashion surprises. Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, these stars are on her list of clients. Every time she designed as a "test" formula has bold, free and crazy, and she hoped that exist only in the imagination of those images, real product wore/worn on the person and hope people are able to express personality by what you wear. Those bold, avant-garde pop star, was her design (or daring) attracting, hoping to become a "lesnob girl". B. Akerlund except in the world of fashion, movies, music and art are her attempt to, in designer view, fashion was inseparable from these. B. Akerlund's style and her own architecture, it is a "over the top" style, beautiful is more beautiful than you think, crazy crazy character more personality.

ROBERT LUSSIER, who was responsible for b. Akerlund designs, and put them to the people around the world. LUSSIER in a chance to see b. Akerlund designs, he saw the faded in the business world "works in good faith", even if it forms an exaggeration, but the kernel is quite pure.

On November 13, the two designers will come to Beijing, I believe you will like the rest of us, has a lot of want to ask them, designers are going to be you know and unless you know what you shared, so stay tuned!

Gagalady interests Design Designer icon trend of global cities

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Skirts men s fashion the last fortress of the Kingdom

First since Shang century 20 generation up, Chanel will woman on free of desire concentrated Yu small black skirt and the knee of length on, Hou to 60 generation medium-term, Yves Saint Laurent Mr will men wardrobe in the of set moved to woman body, "Le somking" dress up from became has fashion territories in the not shake of classic of for, will woman of height from with of height rose to spirit world on. Hard times of high fashion going

Since neutral wave swept so far, "as long as you can wear, is a woman's dress" dress idea gradually spread, and now is growing. Strong woman character described in Westies contour cut and never get tired of using big advertisements from "women are superior to men" concept has long been entrenched in fashion circles.

But with music, art and fashion occur all the time regardless of the feelings of, mass culture and aesthetics continue to subvert the traditional, men for their continued oppression and fought, they began to wear jewelry, hair, make-up, but in any case, one last line of defence has never been accepted by the general public by Frank, that is, "men's dress."

Many people everyone knows men's skirts prototype dates back to get in the distant ancient times. In China, the men began to wear skirts in Shang times, and dress it with heavy objects in the Han dynasty began in the female hormonal factor of women not only in the ancient Egypt times, men have a habit of wearing a skirt.

But with economic culture constantly of development, male of social role in accumulated in the constantly powerful up Hou, to convenient work, objective reasons, led to later men dress gradually reduced, over time, dress country was women ruled, and will its in men daily among removed, except minority has custom asylum of area now still retained with this a edge of of habits, as Scotland, and Myanmar, area.

Oppression of the region always has to voice their opposition, in response to this problem, with the development of men's fashion, as well as women in the fashion realm of trying, men wearing skirts that call seems to be growing. Subvert this sensitive concept of dressing also captured a number of top designers want most Virgin peaks. At the moment, representative of men's skirts will no longer be a single clothing item, but sublimated into a crushing secular, free flags in the wind.

Perhaps men's skirts in today under the control of the traditional idea of a strong, not once climbed the highest peak, but I think it will be an inevitable trend in the development of men's fashion. When Amelia Bloomer when in 1850 advocated women wearing pants, was considered to be a serious desecration of traditional culture, which has caused waves of censure and ridicule, and how might want to think about the people who once laughed at her pants for women today has become an essential branch of women's fashion, women shall be the one outfit in the closet?

Such historical events in many fields have become a good deal before the truth necessary bridge, but now when menswear catwalk more skirts appear when, laugh bittersweet experience of State was Amelia Bloomer stage?

Having said that, perhaps you came, men's dress but men in the fashion circle "freedom of movement" cover it? In fact, whatever your gender, are expected in Westies on State level reaches a realm of existence and are interested in clones loyal to yourself, once the Westies are loyal to themselves, the so-called Style also produces, and fashion and whenever "Style" had an affair, namely eternal life, wouldn't you say?

Dresses fashion men women man fortress fashion trendsetter of philosophy

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France Mrs Bruni Sarkozy out of the atmosphere and elegant woman style

France Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy out of the atmosphere and elegant woman style

In October 1991, Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) in 1992 Milan spring/summer fashion week Versace brand show, this time she is already very famous supermodel.

France Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy out of the atmosphere and elegant woman style

In September 1994, Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) dressed in high fashion at the Paris fashion week.

France Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy out of the atmosphere and elegant woman style

In January 1997, Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) at fashion week in Paris, is wearing a very exposed to fashion

France Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy out of the atmosphere and elegant woman style France Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy out of the atmosphere and elegant woman style

In November 2005, Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) participate in the Scopus award, this time she chose a black bedding down for evening dress. Brazil red degeneration model of scenery and

France Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy out of the atmosphere and elegant woman style

April 30, 2007 Sony Radio Academy Awards, Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) chose a blue strap dress, her body outlined a curvaceous.

France Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy out of the atmosphere and elegant woman style

In March 2008, and France after President Nicolas Sarkozy married a few months Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) rapidly changed in style, France's first lady she chose Christian Dior grey coat.

France Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy out of the atmosphere and elegant woman style

March 27, 2008 Carla (Carla Bruni) chose a gray suit and purple woolen cloth coat to attend spring/summer DIOR launches.

France Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy out of the atmosphere and elegant woman style

September 23, 2008, the White House in front of Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) affectionately greeted with everybody, she was dressed in an elegant blue suit.

Official visit in Mexico City on March 11, 2009, Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) wearing a pink Dior suits to attend.

April 28, 2010 Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) official visit to Beijing as President, first lady of elegant little black dress to complement her temperament.

Carla Bruni 010, June 18 on the street (Carla Bruni), dressed in a gray dress, mature yet exudes a thick woman.

On January 20, 2009, wearing a blue open shoulders YSL Tuxedo to attend activities, down to the tall of stature with a fair complexion, noble and elegant.

On May 27, 2011, at Deauville, on the Summit of the Group of eight, Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) in a white Tweed Chanel dress and long black Chanel tweed jacket and black high Louboutin kitten heels.

On September 17, 2011, France's heritage day outside the Elysee Palace's Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni) is pregnant, but is still beautifully.

Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy France style dresses evening dresses elegant woman of Paris fashion zhoukalabulvni fashion

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Luxlaw collection and recycling philosophy of aesthetics

Beijing jianwai SOHO, second floor, 0106F "Luxlaw" is the pioneer in the field of domestic luxury fashion shops. In addition to the bags, the "Luxlaw" first store featured is the luxury brand clothes, shoes, and jewelry. "Luxlaw" store keeper who Cao Rui of resources accumulated in the public relations industry, through good personal relationship network, in the "Luxlaw" in a clothing boutique selling, many are from the light hand of beautiful stars. Special properties as star industry and identity, many brands sponsor will provide a lot of clothes, and clothes a lot of the stars is through time then you're free; instead of wasting resources, rather than making products recycling, increasing use of time. Enthusiasm for environmental protection and fashion itself, are meaningful. These costumes from Star in "Luxlaw" within its area of operation is to have a certain percentage of. Maybe you bought a long skirt and a star once hit shirts too!

Luxlaw collection and recycling philosophy of aesthetics Luxlaw collection and recycling philosophy of aesthetics Luxlaw collection and recycling philosophy of aesthetics Luxlaw collection and recycling philosophy of aesthetics Luxlaw collection and recycling philosophy of aesthetics Luxlaw collection and recycling philosophy of aesthetics Luxlaw collection and recycling philosophy of aesthetics Luxlaw collection and recycling philosophy of aesthetics Luxlaw collection and recycling philosophy of aesthetics

Aesthetic concept clothing boutique star fashion Fashion collision movie fashion show

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Couture gobbles like a game show

Might be just a snake swallowing game. 21st century business Herald said senior national women's Eve NY is actively preparing for the takeover of the brand world renowned Christian Lacroix Haute Couture tailor brand.

Couture gobbles like a game show

World-renowned custom of high fashion brand Christian Lacroix

According to people familiar with the matter said, on July 27, the eve NY in France had submitted relevant proposals, is one of the 3 finalists bidding for the company. At present all parties declined to tender Eve NY prices. But according to available information, Eve NY at least to pay 50 million euros to make Christian Lacroix rejuvenated.

"If the bid is successful, they will be brought to Christian Lacroix in the greater China area (China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) brand of permanent use. "These people say, they refer to Eve NY IDG capital and investors.

This transaction be seen later this month at the latest.

Hugo Shong, IDG China founding partner, said: "since IDG capital and foreign consumer goods companies and their investors over the years has established friendly and stable cooperative relationship, which makes IDG capital to respond to Christian Lacroix transaction information for the first time. "

  Opportunities for financial crisis

"I don't think this is the end, I hope it is the beginning of another. "Christian Lacroix himself.

Fall 2009 at the Paris Haute Couture catwalk, Christian Lacroix uncharacteristically, extensive use of black, blue, interwoven with gold embroidery as a final farewell.

In July this year, Christian Lacroix declares bankruptcy. Financial crisis affects Haute Couture custom fields, and the pigment and Christian Dior and custom branded Channel famous Haute Couture, into the abyss of bankruptcy.

Lacroix CEO Nicolas Topiol said the series of sales of clothing fell by 35% Lacroix2009 autumn 2008 loss of $ 14 million. As of June this year, the company failed to pass power of investors and financial partners to strengthen the company.

Christian Lacroix and Bernard Arnault in 1987 established the Haute Couture tailor company, once the VMH brands, 1995 was sold to Florida's Falic group.

Creating opportunities that Eve NY. Headquartered United States women's brand aimed at career women in New York to create "wardrobe culture", each of its clothing in China only limited edition of 40-80. From China in 2001, Eve NY is currently in the country, including Korla City out of the more than 60 flagship stores. Ms Shen Hong of the CEO and Chief Creative Officer, who had served as a diplomat, before Yue-Sai Global Marketing Director of the company.

  IDG fashion layout

Slightly before "IT" IDG out the international fashion brands, "is no accident. "Said Hugo Shong, IDG capital in recent years has been closely following consumer goods especially clothing industry. Keyanshi fashion big lie doctor robe lights on

In late 2007, shortly after the investment Eve NY, IDG and Guangdong benbo release $ 30 million, becoming its second largest shareholder. In addition, IDG or online clothing brands where the customer Eslite (VANCL) and investors in China's largest fashion website YOKA. IDG is to create a map of their own fashion, from news to product.

The reason behind this, is the huge consumption power of China fashion goods. Benbo, for example, set up in 2004 after its turnover reached 100 million Yuan for the first year, in 2006 and doubled sales in 2007 reached 350 million Yuan.

Backed by the parent company, IDG group, IDG capital culture fashion sense of proximity.

In 1998, IDG and United States largest consumer magazine publisher Hearst joint venture strategic alliance, the success of the Metropolitan (Cosmopolitan) assignment of copyright to the fashion magazine in China. On this basis, IDG and United States other magazine publishers National Geographic Society, and Rodale, Conde Nast, Reed Business Information, such as establishing a similar relationship in domestic cooperation published Harper's Bazaar, Esquire, Vogue health and the bride over 20 consumer magazines.


China will become a luxury haven

Goodbye once big names Pierre-Pierre Cardin

Civilians under the brand ' returns "alongside big names"

Asian fashion editor or into a new "Devil Wears Prada"

Eve NY consumer Haute Couture he IDG brands customized games global

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2015 color cosmetic popular color for fall winter interpretation of an article

2015 color cosmetic popular colors for fall/winter is very high, but I was afraid of colorful color the torso may not appear temperament, which popular eyeshadow colors and lip gloss color can bring out the winter atmosphere and dissemination of elegance, editing will tell you absolutely that was love at first sight and eye shadow and lipstick.

2015 color cosmetic popular color for fall/winter interpretation of an article

Want to try popular makeup, but I was afraid of colorful color the torso may not appear temperament? may wish to focus on ' wine red "' Army Green" ' chocolate "3 colors, both taken out of the atmosphere in the winter but also disseminated elegance, will definitely give you at first sight.

2015 color cosmetic popular color for fall/winter interpretation of an article

1. wine: dissemination of mature noble elegance

Even red pop for so long, I believe there are a lot of girls because they feel too 艷 Li rather than try!? ' She worried that people "impression of this concern, may wish to take to the wine-red to help you solve! slightly more low-key than red points, but more than the pink highlighting femininity, is definitely fall/winter fashion color of choice.

2015 color cosmetic popular color for fall/winter interpretation of an article


Not suitable for red wine in the face of the strong sense of excessive use, choose a site focused on just fine. Eye makeup section to pick colour color eyeshadow or eyeliner painted red wine, with a translucent gloss on makeup, the goal is to bring people a beautiful eye makeup of the eye will be drawn.

2015 color cosmetic popular color for fall/winter interpretation of an article

Featured products: 3CE wine red eye shadow

Xiao bian recommended reasons: soft touch, excellent color, smooth shimmering eye makeup makes Oriental woman is more solid, interpretation of the icing on the cake attractive eye makeup.

Featured products: 3CE wine red line paste

Xiao bian recommended reasons: with color and moisturizing eyeshadow to attract others, and to create a charming eye shape with soft texture, can the ninth day to keep sharp.

Featured products: GIVENCHY lipstick Kiss temptation #318 (limited edition)

Xiao bian recommended reasons: it seems red 艷 rich, Ruddy lips natural color to rub.

Featured products: Dior Nail Polish #970

Xiao bian recommended reasons: lessons of Couture week, color inspiration, to hold all kinds of iconic Dior Dior shades Range Rover. Fashionable tonal Elantra the pulse of fashion, publicity Avantgarde tonal irresistible, basic tone and never take a pop.

2015 color cosmetic popular color for fall/winter interpretation of an article

2. Green: tired of seeing Black? challenge fresh Army Green!

Follow the pace of fashion trends, Green has also become a cosmetic focus of new color! because the smell itself with a strong personality, is recommended to replace the original black color cosmetics drawing, don't make a big range of shading, like metallic eyeliner brands are featured this year local ornament Look pretty good to use.

2015 color cosmetic popular color for fall/winter interpretation of an article

Army Green eye makeup this year out of wide range of halo effect, only in part of the eye do a bit of embellishment, with army green paint eyeliner gel eyeliner pen and then folded with the color of eye shadow powder; in order to strengthen the sense of bright eyes, black eyeliner + curl lashes can make eyes more profound.

2015 color cosmetic popular color for fall/winter interpretation of an article

Featured products: THREE magic light box Plus 4D eyes #04

Xiao bian recommended reasons: vegetable oil-rich gelatinous base eye color, eyes, smooth and extended as films.

Featured products: RMK classic lasting eyeliner #EX-02

Xiao bian recommended reasons: carrying Silver Magic sense of green tones, clean stylish look. World of beauty freckles post natural girls with

Featured products: 3D beauty MAKE UP FOREVER strong volume mascara 6. NT820

Xiao bian recommended reasons: you can create a fan-shaped long, thick eyelashes.

Featured products: CHANEL Nail Polish #601

Xiao bian recommended reasons: bright and lasting colour is the most famous Nail Polish.

2015 color cosmetic popular color for fall/winter interpretation of an article

3. chocolate: deep makeup readily stick to, everyone will fall in love with you

Has always been was considered is basic disc of Brown Department chocolate color, this year fall/winter boom has again rose of trend! in overall makeup capacity of accounted for than Shang, chocolate color no longer to past only served as supporting appeared in eye makeup Shang, on even lip makeup, and cheek color to refers to color also can all painting Shang same color, on as is in winter enjoy has a cup mellow flavor of cocoa tea like ~ distributed out warm atmosphere.

2015 color cosmetic popular color for fall/winter interpretation of an article

Chocolate brown eye color has always been the spirit of autumn and winter indices, we make chocolate brown SUMI in the eye socket, so that the whole eye makeup that Xiao yan Xun, not too heavy, you can add feminine scent. And the lip color is uniform with the color selection is nude-tone is the best Match!

Featured products: LUNASOL Crystal artful guangcan eye cassette (Qiao Lei) #02

Xiao bian recommended reasons: top chocolate, bloom honey bitter love luxury.

Featured products: cloud star Sun-shine eye shadow for eyeliner

Xiao bian recommended reasons: double cream, with different brushes with free transform to create eye shadow and eyeliner; multidimensional Pearl particles, makes eyes at any time has a soft luster; rich color saturation, smooth creamy texture made makeup more docile, eyes lasting superior!

Featured products: CLE de Peau smooth charm magic lipstick #233

Xiao bian recommended reasons: adding top water maintenance component "water molecule complexes EX" Crystal gloss and texture of "concentrated formula".

Featured products: LUNASOL Crystal artful Nail Polish n #EX39

Xiao bian recommended reasons: brush a layer of blooms and bright luster, perfect color color difference.

Chocolate colors makeup eye shadow Army Green featured popular interpretation of color in autumn and winter

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Top luxury brand CHANEL sports large

In the early 20th century, in all things to the avant-garde of the new era, women's corsets are outdated, liberation of women, participate in sports has become more free. Secret truth of fashion porn

Chanel Lady to her creativity and imagination's first foray into the sports world, like the beacon in the ever-changing new era. 

Top luxury brand CHANEL sports large

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

Chanel ladies are young, curious, active and full of ambition, the men in her life into the sports world, leads the centuries life. She and Etienne de Balsan and Boy riding around Capel, rowing, fishing, and hunting with the Duke of Westminster, skiing, playing golf and dancing, and so on. Her intuitive analysis at times, hopes to meet the future, better understand movement represents a new freedom, and a new society.

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

Naturally, she first of all create their own personal style, for those ladies designs avant-garde clothing movement known as fashionistas came into being. I ran the quarter of a century in the fashion world, but why? Because I know how to show a different time. I create for themselves a variety of fashion, not because other women to exercise, but I was participating in various sports activities.

Top luxury brand CHANEL sports large

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

The practical woman, sometimes requires a more rigorous and demanding, she argued that in 1914, no clothing suitable for doing exercise. Ladies and gentlemen when they visited the sport, just like those wearing conical hats to women who enjoy the events of the middle ages. Their clothes very low waist line, buttocks, legs and each beam together ... ... Once there is an elastic knitting, I release them to the body, excluding the waist line, creating a new image ... ... Key to what not to wear, but to raise it to the surface, called Lady still noble decent.

Top luxury brand CHANEL sports large

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

Looking at the, forward-looking Chanel Lady to her rage against what was useless, lazy other than women and their outdated outfits are excluded from the trend. Chanel Lady directly lashed out at Poiret, she is the outstanding designer in the early 20th century, decorated with rich, colorful fabric, and a rainbow of color we see. Chanel ladies and I will only speak for positive, women dress her as a model.

Top luxury brand CHANEL sports large

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

Ms Chanel's first fashion collection, with an emphasis on freedom and movement, and inspirations from men's suits and sportswear. Her short skirt; creating chain handbag, ladies free hands design utility pockets; with wide sleeves; design more spacious in the back, she said: there are at least 10 cm, so that you can play the ball before and put on his shoes.

Top luxury brand CHANEL sports large

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

In 1920, the Chanel woman visiting the Riviera Resort, she dressed very casual: flat canvas shoes, hair cut short, a white silk Beach clothing, is running then put's predecessor.

Top luxury brand CHANEL sports large

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

She is wearing sportswear elegant, unhurried, personally embody still adhere to the movement. She looks flawless, worked with colleagues to imitate her style. In 1921, she opened the rue Cambon in Paris selling sports apparel space, recreational facilities and sports models, becoming one with her ladies will come to the site of a similar taste. From Vogue to the Jardin des Modes, such as magazines rush to her, about her skating, skiing, tennis and swim wear, were published in many aristocratic ladies photos, they put on her sportswear in Saint-Moritz or Riviera vacation.

Top luxury brand CHANEL sports large

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

By 1928, with the revolution n ° 5 fragrance launch, with sharp market antennae of Chanel women naturally launched a campaign of talcum powder and motion lotion.

Top luxury brand CHANEL sports large

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel ladies and uphold the vision, discard the traditional image of athletic wear. After he joined CHANEL in 1983, made improvements on tennis gear and ski wear, become a daily casual wear fashion.

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

Sportswear is Chanel muse and fashion convergence, not only demonstrated a relaxed casual style, shows a stream of elegant style.

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

Since 2000, further inspired many sportswear clothing line, wearing fashion changes for different activities, represent a fashion attitude, a charm.

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

As Tweed jackets, sportswear is another CHANEL logo products, fashion's sophisticated technology, even careful hand-G-H-Haute Couture, from minor slim cut, fit the sleeves can be seen.

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

CHANEL are luxury brands, choice ever be able to use the most detailed skills excellent manufacturers. However manufacturer and art Carpenter has when are love challenge traditional specification, as used manufacturing furniture of horsehair, blend bonding fiber sewing out riding coat; and by outstanding craftsman carved of wood quality back force DART; for first conquered Anna punafeng of Herzog is responsible for tool of factory, design out of climbing boutique; by France most enjoy negative reputation of art Carpenter created of sliding waves Board; or has rubber end of of inflatable folding Diego ship,.

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

Motion creation depends on a number of craftsman, CHANEL found concept combines creative movement skills can play an unlimited number of possibilities. This gorgeous style and technique of "wise" exchanges, creating a challenging and experimental results, it is no wonder that the fashion world have added to power full of CHANEL loved-the extraordinary creation of the vision of Karl Lagerfeld, will continue to bring you endless pleasant surprise.

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

CHANEL Chanel spring/summer sports

Top luxury luxury brands Chanel Chanel campaign for spring/summer Couture

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Site hits 08 spring summer Paris fashion week

Paris weather in October and maybe less appealing, wind and rain with the leaves on the ground, 2008 fashion weeks kicked off once again. Want to know who left the fashion week? Who will toss out the hit fashion show? Who will be relegated to objects, fashion faces to staged in 7 days.

Site hits: 08 spring-summer Paris fashion week

Designer Xie Feng

Jefen Chinese kites

Jenfen was by Frankie last year as China's fashion in "high society fashion" little gimmicks, this season has become a habit. Jenfen by Frankie starts on a Sunday morning, and people all over the world know that sending a weekend offer mostly goes to the French, who they are not going to sacrifice their holidays. Jefen by Frankie's name is big enough, show sold out. Taste is full of hippie music and models filed out. Xie Feng in 2008 Beijing Olympics as the theme of this design, the Chinese elements with almost no trace of expression are integrated in this series. Nailed to the shoes of the tassels, embroidery Peony sewing on the sweater, matching his football socks, mesh, and ponchos windbreaker, fluorescent tights line segmentation, color boxing gloves, very occasional is out of place. Xie Feng said at the After Party: "Jefen by Frankie is trying to manufacture their own second-tier brands, and this is another reason for this motion topic. "


Jefen Chinese kites

Site hits: 08 spring-summer Paris fashion week


Jefen Chinese kites

Site hits: 08 spring-summer Paris fashion week

Valentino's final curtain call

Valentino Kaleidoscope

At the time of the 4th day of the fashion week, finally a little feeling of spring-summer fashion shows, Valentino in a thick cool bringing gorgeous color, maybe it is a hangover from the fall/winter season show colors far too easily. Do not see any on the Valentino show in Paris, this is on the site. Italy are coming, Parisian woman is absolutely impossible to wear warm colors out, more colors will not be mixed together. Fashion show venues are covered with mirrors, and just dropped down on Milan fashion shows the supermodel Natalia Vodianova be afraid at all! The show was Mr. Valentino closed mountain for the ready-to-wear show, he brought in 87 fashion.

Farewell in a matte finish opening, followed by impact strong yellow, slowly over the Green, and purple. Of course, Valentino red, Polka dots, blue chiffon, Valentino's favorite bow also jump trousers of the chest on the fly.

Site hits: 08 spring-summer Paris fashion week

Love bow

Valentino Kaleidoscope

Site hits: 08 spring-summer Paris fashion week


Celine simple fashion

Ivana Omazic abandoned and challenging ideas, not oversized accessories, Tiger pattern, Japan origami. Ivana decided to maintain the simplicity of the work, she had to pay more attention to fashion tailoring and fabrics on the invention of loading on whale bone coat, aluminum foil, short skirts, air flow accessories. Ivana local "master" is made from super soft and lightweight fabric trench coat, jacket, jackets, which let people down fabric, looks like leather or thick satin, but have touched will find it is just a high-tech fabric made of silk.

Site hits: 08 spring-summer Paris fashion week

Anti-United Kingdom Government flags

Sweet confusion fashion show

See "xiyun" Queen show, the most important thing is to keep up with the rhythm, she conjured up a show of several styles. First, she took United Kingdom poet John Donne muses; moment she let a man Las Vegas showgirl of the secretion of adrenaline speeding play. "Sweet disorder show" this is Vivienne Westwood, she has abandoned its Rock n Roll and her pro-British style. She sued the United Kingdom Government to distort the human rights and freedoms, as well as traditional, models wearing anti-United Kingdom flag out of the Government. She and United Kingdom cannot take off, who called her British, early years and dredged from the Casey shop on Kings Road a lot of Fame.

Vivienne Westwood

Sweet confusion fashion show

Site hits: 08 spring-summer Paris fashion week


Hermes India goddess

Hermes spring/summer 2008 fashion show, of sorts, one of the most creative, stepped into the background like came to Delhi to attend India's Holi Festival, smooth hair all of the models is leather wrapped in a turban, Jean-Paul Gaultier was busy to wipe her face out of Red dust on the back panel. When Mariacarla Boscono was wearing a very India's Golden half Trench Coat on stage, everyone was pretty shocked by this, and frequently appears in crocodile skin Hermes brand, are also used on the white or pink riding boots, matching up Superfine cashmere beige breeches, vest and white shirt with wide sleeves, a pair of female rulers of the colony. Suede Safari jacket, Oversize white suit and Hermes on a standard type of enamel or leather bracelets, simple and handsome to wear strong.

Site hits: 08 spring-summer Paris fashion week


Hermes India goddess

Mariacarla Boscono

Hermes India goddess

Hermes powder people

Hermes India goddess

Kirsten and Karl

Chanel United States midsummer dream

Chanel fashion show packed with stars, from Hollywood stars to France local Fashion Icon to Chinese woman, "Xu", Frist Row lineup than other brands can match. Victoria Beckham is wearing a 1950 Vintage grass green Dress;Kirsten Dunst and Claudia Schiffer huddled together discussing a Chanel handbag; Courtney Love got herself a little rock and roll. The floating over the Grand Palais show white cloud, but put up the 4 pillars of sculptural black, Karl referred to this as: "Soft Serra", which is the work of designer Richard Serra, a positive result is a bow, is once again filled with admiration for Karl's imagination. Openning Coco Rocha wore a shoulder vertical joint appearances with two bags, Jeans, relaxed and dynamic.


Next, from jacket to windbreaker, and from wide leg pants to even body of jeans, and certainly also has swimwear, red white-and-of Tweed match blue stars even body skirt, with with Ronettes Be My Baby, let people seemed exposure in 50 generation Sheng summer of United States, to late loaded appearances of when, movement elements was slowly weakened has, all are again variable returned to very elegant of Chanel State. When Karl was asked why inspiration from United States coming to? He said, "or is it? While the dollar continues lower, if there is no United States we can only choose for terrorists, or the proletariat, why not choose United States? There is a good thing then asked: "why style election campaigns? Karl: "easy, sporty had seeped into every corner of life, I often wear jeans to the streets." Suzy Menkes teases, he said: "this series seems to be available to in supermarkets." But she also admires Karl Chanel classic Tweed fabric and Jeans combined with very good.


John Galliano is once again in love with Marlene Dietrich

Dior show maintained a consistently high profile style, President Arnold personally join the LVMH group. From the magnificent Palace of Versailles to the chaotic train station, John Galliano 10 years where the tune from lots of seemed inspired collection for Dior, John Galliano spring/summer 2008 fashion show will step into the 30 's of the last century, there is full of gorgeous, sexy, lovely, and rebellious hair flappers. Galliano calls that age is a period of confusion, "Marlene Dietrich is the Icon of that era and I've been obsessed with Muse," says John Galliano. These holes berets, white trench coat, Pansuit three-piece casual civilian clothes from different angles showing the seductive charm of neutral, pagoda shoulders were back to bridge. Model of keeping style full of men's hats, this may become a trend for spring/summer 2008, Kate Moss all sister's boyfriend that lives of street "fan" line. When a series of sophisticated tailoring of lingerie on the catwalk, as if in passing another androgynous way. It was Galliano's sexy, perfect combination of Visual and romantic. Always like to discuss the fashion Galliano brought too many dramatic stage style into the garment industry, 2008 spring/summer Dior fashion show proved once again that you can support Dior10 a brilliant Designer, can be as simple as suits or elegant Lacy underwear performances to such an extent, extreme way is just a release ready for Haute Couture.


Chloe returned 70

This time, Paulo Melim Andersson for Chloe to bring images and entirely different last season, a relaxed and elegant cute girls on the runway. Extremely slim sweater coat, super long bloom Dress, transparent tulle Leggings, fashion throughout the series is like trying to bring Chloe back to the 70 's the newly time appearance. Andersson spent 7 years at Marni Designer, his style often appears is Marni's artistic temperament as well as those of youth square cut. This season, and hip length jacket in very good reference to Chloe, Andersson on the runway with its long wide-leg pants, expanded to the runways, box suit you can wear short skirts, this will be the new look this summer.


Givenchy bullet girl

Givenchy's fashion show at fashion week nearly half started, the place chosen at the Carreau Du Temple inside a dilapidated Stadium. A dilapidated look particularly in designer Riccardo Tischi's personality. Spring/summer show had not begun outside began to fall/winter fashion show, round round look handsome Navy accents black women get together to chat at the door. Riccardo Tischi this season is a little too much force to suffer a lot of negative comments, his new idea was probably to construction and soft two feelings combined together. Riccardo Tischi's supermodel girlfriend, Maria Carla Boscono is Openning model appearances she was wearing a simple skirt, skirts was put on a few extra large polka dots, namespaces also resulted in a hip location dots look like ink imprint. Riccardo Tischi high fashion a "fuzzy" concept and trim methods, integration into the design of modern garment concept, low rise wide leg pants with dressed on a model of pistol bags, coupled with those by Riccardo Tischi dig a lot of holes in leather, it's big enough style.

Richar and MJ Prince International fashion capital of Italy trip to

Louis Vuiton Naughty Nurses

When the actress Kristen Scott Thomas asked excitedly: that's not very nice? Other fans as feverishly as she stared at the Jacobs carried the custom small television appearances, walking on SpongeBob, really amazing! It was even suggested that Marc Jacobs this behavior is a mania of early performances. 12 a head with letters nurse cap of Supermodels, wearing translucent nylon raincoat, and wearing with lace mask, and certainly also took with handbags side-by-side spell into Louis Vuitton, this quarter LV of theme on becomes has, Marc Jacobs this force invited United States contemporary artist Richar Prince play across territories cooperation, Prince its people at in art works in the expression he of satire thought, with pale terrible of image again coloring post-war novel cover, to " Naughty Nurses "best known for the series. The tent show, held in a similar style with a novel cover, there is a sign "Tokyo by Night". Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2008 fashion design copying Prince "Appropriation art" this method, known as Appropriation art is to some variants of already existing works for other objects, in the words of black music this is called sampling, and pieces randomly to gather together in a confusing details, tend to get good results. Is this art? This is fashion? Look at the LV bags.


Most steal Lanvin's fashion show

Spring/Summer 2008 fashion week who are all award-winning designer? Wrongs--Elbaz, of course. Lanvin show held at a concert hall similar to the old, brings enough shock. To mention the presence of security guards pulled on Elbaz's iconic "bow tie" dress. When clone Ending model came out, the audience was so excited to open days. The light show is not just fun game. But Elbaz for Lanvin brand style after a sincere but not seriously extended. So Elbaz is nothing after his hand have become natural, as we design this large wave of pleated dress.

Jose Enrique Ona Selfa

Loewe oriental inspiration

Fashion is such that some upper back. Spring/Summer 2008 are designer Jose Enrique Ona Selfa he served in Paris at the curtain call for the Loewe, a rich, gorgeous yet graceful and elegant line. The entire series inspired by the 70 's. Predominantly white, on the one hand maintain Somking Loewe are good at detail, while adding a gorgeous gown design. While bold Oriental in inspiration to get design, it is worth mentioning that all of the dresses Haute Couture production model, all on a model crop sewing done.

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